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Vertical Farming Systems

At Ukulima Tech we specialize in the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of Vertical Farming systems, tower gardens, kitchen gardens and garden automation. Vertical farming as a component of agriculture is the practice of cultivating food within a house, greenhouse, limited garden space or on any vertically inclined surfaces. A common version of vertical farming uses techniques similar to glass houses, where natural sunlight can be augmented with artificial lighting (Grow LIGHTS) and metal reflectors. Vertical farming increases food supplies without using more land and can be easily set up in limited space within urban areas (Within flats/apartments and in rooms).

Alternative Energy Farming Solutions

During the day, solar energy can be harvested and stored in form of electricity using solar panels. At night, the stored energy is used to power LED grow lights which supply crops with light at the required wavelength used by plants for photosynthesis. This extends the daily periods available for a plant to grow thereby shortening the time from planting to harvesting


Smart Garden | GSM Automated Garden System with Automatic Watering System

Ukulima Tech supplies automatic watering systems, sensor incorporated timer systems and also solutions that enable checking or watering your garden remotely through GSM network, Internet or both, the systems also aid in making Vertical Farming more efficient and easy to manage. The essence of garden automation is to have a garden that is easy to water, easy to control and monitor remotely through smartphones and computers and that which can be used either persons with busy schedules or persons with disability.

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