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Our Products

Vertical Food systems

Our vertical gardens bring people closer to what they eat, creating transparency in the food chain, building healthier relationships with food and creating an opportunity to change how we grow our food.

Garden automation system

At the touch of a button, Ukulima Tech App delivers a simple, yet engaging automation experience. Our App guides you every step of the way; growing support, scheduling irrigation and learning sustainable gardening practices.

Cultivating the City

Our future generations are counting on new solutions to revolutionize urban farming in the city. We are activating green spaces to help cities actualize food supply security and food safety targets.Developing tech for customer- facing city locations, such as grocery stores, restaurants and schools, enabling end customer to access fresh and nutritious vegetables.

Our Projects

Kibera Project

We installed a 10ft vertical garden at St.Jerome Community to help families boost nutrition through organic vegetable production while reducing their budget for food.

Dadaab Refugee Camp

Setting up vertical gardens in Dadaab Refugee Camp in collaboration with the Danish Refugee Council

The Sudan Project

We set up vertical farms using tree trunks in Cuibet,South Sudan and carried out capacity building in food production for the community.In collaboration with CAMCO and Doctors Without Borders.


The aim of this project was to offer sustainable food solution to Calvary Methodist Primary, Junior and Senior school to aid in the school feeding program.

Our Partners