CSA Services

A data driven service that promotes digitisation of agricultural value chains to improve productivity and resilience

Custom Climate Information

Climate change threatens food production, our Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) is helping farmers in Kitui, Makueni and Machakos make better decisions that adapt to changing conditions.

Real-Time Analytics

We provide our farmers with Real-time information on daily forecast up to one week ahead of time, pest and diseases alerts and early warning of extreme weather events.

Farm Intelligence

Our real-time climate SMS alerts help the farmers in selecting crops and varieties to plant, livestock stocking and feeding strategies, labour and marketing contracts, the intensity of input to use i.e fertilizer and pesticides

About Us

CSA is a social enterprise  that promotes urban access to sustainable and healthy food for optimal nutrition. We are passionate about growing fresh pesticide-free produce that reconnects people to “their food”. Our mission is to enable people grow food, anywhere.enhancing their trust in the agribusiness system and enabling production increase. 

How it Works

Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) is a data-driven service that promotes the digitization of agricultural value chains to improve productivity and resilience. We leverage the power of knowledge and mobile technology to empower agricultural actors with opportunities and the right tools for economic growth thereby enhancing their trust in the agribusiness system and enabling production increase. The core submission is to revitalize agriculture and provide sustainable economic opportunities by introducing data-driven tech solutions to overcome the challenges faced in agriculture. Through the integrated adaptive digital system, agri-actors get access to

  • Geo-referenced climate information services which combines data from earth observation satellites and data from automatic weather station networks.
  • Farm intelligence on crop status and development for decision making
  • Customised agronomic data/insights/farming tips
  • Crop pest and disease surveillance thereby raising alerts
  • Index-based crop insurance
  • Unlocking access to farm-input credit.
  • Access to market linkages.