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Our services are goal-oriented focusing on delivering tangible results in key areas:
Capacity building: Our bespoke training programmes are designed to empower community members improve their agricultural capacity of being food producers. The objective is to provide individuals with professional and impactful training that will help them increase their agricultural capacity. We are bold enough to measure the effectiveness of our training solutions with preset business milestones.

Please note: UT provides agricultural advisory services to customers to ensure effective management of the technology as well as crop management.

Vertical Garden Systems

With the ever increasing urban population, space is no longer an option, arable land continues to be elusive and people are finding it difficult to have gardens where they can grow food for subsistence or commercial purposes. Vertical Farming Technology is key to increasing agricultural productivity by overcoming limited spaces to increase agricultural productivity. Ukulima Tech (UT) specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of Vertical Farming systems, tower gardens and kitchen gardens.

Garden Automation System

Ukulima Tech designs solar-powered automatic-irrigation systems to enable customers remotely control their farming activities i.e. customers are able to turn on/off the pumps and schedule irrigation times through touch of a button. Other features such as news-feed and notifications have been incorporated to increase customer engagement and improve customer experience.

Ukulima Tech Journey in Transforming the World

Ukulima Tech

Garden Automation System

Automated intelligent app for irigating your Garden at the touch of a button on your smartphone...

Ukulima Tech

Vertical Garden System

Through our Vertical Garden System we have enabled many willing client transform their backyards, verandahs, and balconies into farming space....

Ukulima Tech

Ghana Vertical Garden Project

Our team in partnership with Thank You Charity installing vertical Garden to the great people of Ghana.....

Ukulima Tech

Sudan Vertical Garden Project

Our great team installing Vertical garden system to the Sudan local community as a way of ensuring- Food Sustainability...

Ukulima Tech

Receiving award for empowering community

Ukulima Tech has been recognised by several Charity organizations as well as government institutions for priotizing on Food Sustainability...

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