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Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are the future. Get your own today and grow your own food at the comfort of your home

Fresh delivery

Want fresh grocery delivered to you at your doorstep from our expert-tendered greens in our garden centres? We’ve got you covered

About Us

Ukulima tech is a social enterprise  that promotes urban access to sustainable and healthy food for optimal nutrition. We are passionate about growing fresh pesticide-free produce that reconnects people to “their food”. Our mission is to enable people grow food, anywhere.

Our Services

Vertical Food systems

Our vertical gardens bring people closer to what they eat, creating transparency in the food chain, building healthier relationships with food and creating an opportunity to change how we grow our food.

Garden automation system

At the touch of a button, Ukulima Tech App delivers a simple, yet engaging automation experience. Our App guides you every step of the way; growing support, scheduling irrigation and learning sustainable gardening practices.

Cultivating the City

We are activating green spaces to help cities actualise food supply security and food safety targets. Developing tech for customer-facing city locations, such as grocery stores, restaurants and schools

Came from a plant, eat it; was made in a plant, don't.”

Michael Pollann


Past projects

Not just about feeding hunger

Ukulima Tech gardens are all about the future-and we believe the future of farming is to have sustainable farming models in the wake of degrading landscapes. Ukulima Tech promises to deliver a totally unique and modern farming experience that is not just about feeding but nourishing, giving everyone access to fresh and nutritious food. 

Our Team

We are a multifaceted team bound together by our passion to transform urban food deserts into thriving local food systems. We have assembled the best and brightest, all aligned  with how we transform agriculture, with deep expertise from food science,  engineering to food safety. We believe that by empowering anyone to grow food sustainably and close to home, we can tackle some of the societal issues head-on as and create a world where no one goes hungry.      

Grown not made

Top notch provider of vertical gardens to the health conscious, to those who are tired of mundane, tasteless food, to the planet worry worts and those who don’t mind a touch of healthy greens with their junk. Welcome to the brand that connects to the healthy at heart. The highest standards weren’t available so we created them.

Our Record

We commit to  contribute to sustainable living in Kenya by transforming urban food systems to increase food access #Zero Huger (SDG 2)  and explore opportunities that reduce food loss and waste #Sustainable Production and Consumption (SDG 12) by delivering innovative approaches that promote low carbon food in cities #Climate Action (SDG 13)


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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The team at Ukulima tech is just the best. I set up my vertical farm about 3 months ago and it was such a smooth process.
Dr. Francis Kimere
Medical doctor (Kenya)


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